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Fresh from Finland

2021 has been an epic year for our Flex Boots.  For our smallest customers we have launched 80 and 90mm Flex Pony boots and for the large horses we have 150mm boots.  On September 20th, we started the launch of the half sizes - beginning with the 105 and 115mm boots.  I am so excited about the impressive growth of our product line.
Our pretty new green boot straps are also here.  They are perfect for Christmas parades paired with red gaiters or green gaiters with red straps - so many wonderful options for you and your horse!
I will keep  you updated on all the wonderful things Flex Boots has in the pipeline.  
I am proud to bring you the very best boots for your horses - Classy and comfortable isn't just our tagline.  It is what you and your horses deserve!  

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