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Fresh from Finland

2022 has been filled with continuous growth.  We now have boots in half sizes so our fit is even better.    We have launched reflective neoprene gaiters!  As someone who loves riding at night these will come in handy on moonlight rides.  They provide exceptional visibility and are a great safety feature.  Check out our cool video from the Flex Hoof Boots FB Page showing the reflectivity in action! 

We have been very fortunate to be getting quick turnaround on orders from Finland. The only casualty has been the Kevlar pads.  Finland has not been able to get Kevlar material so those pads have been discontinued.  Customs has caused some delays but in light of what is going on throughout the world, our supply chain is in great shape.

We are proud to offer 15 different sizes of boots (80mm - 150mm) with 5 colors of straps and 11 colorful gaiters - including basic black for our mounted patrol and dressage customers.

I will continue to keep  you updated on all the wonderful things Flex Boots has in the pipeline.  

I am proud to bring you the very best boots for your horses - Classy and comfortable isn't just our tagline.  It is what you and your horses deserve!  

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