Please note - 120mm Kevlar Pads are on back order at the factory level.   More 130mm pads are on order and should be available mid June.  One option to consider  would be the firm red EVA Pads.    I expect this situation to continue through June.  I apologize for the inconvenience.


FlexPad KEVLAR is slightly firmer than the Flex EVA pads. It has a Kevlar surface to protect the pad against the pressure of the hoof. However, it will still not allow for sharp and long hoof walls – those will still act like a razor blade against the pad and will end up breaking the pads and the boots – so don’t forget to trim the hooves regularly, to keep them in good shape.


Just like FlexPad EVA, the FlexPad KEVLAR stays well in place. In fact, the Kevlar surface is a little bit sticky, so the hoof stays in place even better. The pad molds to the hoof sole, offering beneficial stimulation to the sole and back of the foot. FlexPad KEVLARs are ideal if you need the boots to fit better, your horse needs more hoof protection, and you ride mainly in dry conditions.


These pads are 6mm thick, and are sold in pairs.

Kevlar Pads

  • Flex pads are ideal if you need the boot to fit tighter, or your horse's sole or frog needs more stimulation to become stronger. They are useful if your horse needs extra protection on hard rocky ground, or you're rehabilitating after founder, abscess, white line disease or thin sole.

    Sold as a pair.