Flex Boots

Product Range

When you purchase Flex Boots, they come as a complete package with boots, gaiters, straps and all attachments included. You can also buy all the parts individually if you ever need to replace any part of the boots.

Every aspect of Flex Boots has been meticulously designed to work in an optimal way. Visit the main brand page for comprehensive information about the Flex Boots product range. 


Choose the right size boots

Besides having the hooves trimmed correctly, choosing the correct size boots is vital for ensuring optimal comfort for your horse.

To determine the best size, measure your horse's hooves and compare the measurements to the chart. Take the measurement a day or two after the hooves have been trimmed, and make sure to measure all four feet, as they may differ in size.

Flex mittakuva.jpeg
Flex Boot Measurements Metric 10 5 Max Length.png

Click the arrow to view measurements in inches.

Note that the measurements in inches are rounded to the nearest fraction. Metric measurements (mm) are more accurate.

For advice regarding the best boot size for your horse, please contact your nearest Flex Hoof Boot consultant.  If we do not have a consultant in your area, please email hoot dimensions and photos to Flexbootsusa@gmail.com for assistance.

Our top tips for determining the best boot size & fit

Measure after a trim

This is when the hooves are at the correct size and shape.


Hooves should be maintenance trimmed weekly, to retain the shape and balance of the hoof.


Imagine drawing a line across the back of the hoof, from heel to heel. From the middle of that line draw another line straight to the toe. This is where you measure the length of the hoof.

Heel buttress

When measuring the length of the hoof, do not measure the heel buttress, only the weight-bearing area of the hoof wall.


Measure the width at the widest part across the hoof.

Size post-trim

If after a fresh trim the hoof is for example 115mm wide and 120mm long, we recommend size 120 with Flex Pads to accommodate slight hoof growth between trims.

Growth speed

If the last trim was, say 3 weeks ago, and the hoof measurements are the same as right after the trim (115mm wide, 120mm long), then  size 110 would be best, as long as you trim frequently enough to stop the hooves expanding.

Hoof shape

Flex Boots suit many different shape and size hooves. However, if the hoof width is over 10mm greater than the length, our boots are not ideal for your horse.


If the hoof is very narrow and the horse has a habit of twisting its legs a lot, it may be that our flexible boot is not suitable for your horse.

Fitting and adjusting the Flex Boots

Once you have chosen the right size boots for your horse, fitting them correctly is important for the comfort of your horse and longevity of the boots.  That's why we have written extensive instructions to help you achieve the best fit for your horse. Click on the images below to read more, or download our printable fitting instructions document.