The comfortable, softer hoof boot your horse will love to wear.

Photo credit - Michael Ragusa of Creative Xpressions Photography

Innovative hoof boots for barefoot horses

A well designed hoof boot that improves the health of your horse's hooves every step of the way. Flex Boots are light and sleek, they are comfortable for the horse to wear and easy for the owner to use. And with the stylish boot design and choice of gaiter and strap colors, they look great too!

Try Flex Boots now, your horse will feel the difference and you will see it in his improved movement!

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Classy &


Made in Finland

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The horses of Finland are sharing their very popular boots with us here in the United States! 

Perfectly suited for the American equestrian's needs,
with emphasis on the welfare of the horse. 

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Learn more about Flex Boots and our complete product range.

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Fit & size

Visit the Flex brand page for complete fit & size details and guidance.

Flex Boots and accessories purchase USA.

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You and your horse deserve Flex Boots and their awesome benefits

No rubbing

The softer boot material and smart gaiter design prevent rubbing, so Flex Boots can be worn 24/7 if necessary.

Great traction

With Flex Boots you can ride confidently through sand, swamps, mud, deep water and even ice!

Lovely colors

Great selection of gaiter and strap colors to choose from, so you can make your boots unique to your horse.

Easy to use

Flex Boots are so easy to put on and take off, even a child can do it - no force required!

Exceptional drainage

Flex Boots are designed so that mud, water or debris won't get stuck inside the boots during riding.

Hear it from our clients

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“I just purchased my first pair of Flex Boots. They fit great! I used them this past weekend and went thru snow, water and some pretty deep mud. The boots stayed on great, nothing got in the boots or under the straps.”

- Lisa, Louisiana

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“Just rode a nice 11-mile trail ride in my Flex Boots and they were great. I previously used another brand of hoof boots and was liking them a lot, but started getting frustrated with the straps and time it took to get them on, also with growth we would get heel bulb rubbing. Flex Boots are so quick, easy and simple! No fuss and fit like a glove, and no rubbing!”

- Debra, Florida

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“These boots are amazing! So easy to put on and take off and my boy is super comfortable and confident trail riding in them. I recommend these boots to all my horse friends! I might just need gaiters and straps in multiple colors to coordinate with my saddle pad collection...”

- Anne, Connecticut